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Emmanuel Macron is an opportunity for Europe

In an interview for the BBC, Dominique de Villepin highlighted the opportunity represented by the election of Emmanuel Macron for Europe. He also analyzed the conditions for the success of the forthcoming presidency; obtaining a majority, the ability to rebuild an effective Franco-German couple, the propensity to restore confidence in the future for French people…

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It is impossible to solve Syrian question without Russia

In an exclusive interview with RT France, Dominique de Villepin gave his thoughts on Donald Trump’s future presidency, on the Syrian crisis, Europe and the French elections

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You can’t compare Republican Party & National Front

In an interview for CNBC, Dominique de Villepin reacts to Donald Trump’s victory in US presidential elections and rejects the comparison with French political climate

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France’s voice in world affairs

In an interview in English for CCTV, Dominique de Villepin shared his view on the place of France among the world in 2014