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It’s a new era for China as well as the rest of the world

In an interview for China Xinhua News, Dominique de Villepin stated the opportunity that represents the outcome of the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party for China and the world. He called for greater investment by China in the international arena, and enhanced cooperation between Europe and China, to contribute to the emergence of a more stable and secure world.
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Multipolar World Order: Opportunities & Challenges

After a lecture given at the 15th Dialogue of Civilizations Forum in Rhodes, Dominique de Villepin then participated in a debate organized by Chinese channel CGTN, on the multipolar nature of the world.


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We should try to find common ground with Russia

In an interview with France24, Dominique de Villepin gave his point of view on how Europe should deal with Donald Trump, Russia and the migrant crisis


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It is impossible to solve Syrian question without Russia

In an exclusive interview with RT France, Dominique de Villepin gave his thoughts on Donald Trump’s future presidency, on the Syrian crisis, Europe and the French elections

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Success at Geneva 2 in Russian hands

In an interview for RT (Russia Today), Dominique de Villepin is questioned on the outcome of the negotiations in Geneva between the Western countries and Russia