An improbable Odyssey

754 1024 Dominique de Villepin

Travels, adventures… I must claim from the outset the intimacy which binds the works included in this catalogue. For, here, there is more than a chronological order, of names, of places or of ranks. Each work is the expression of a personal quest, a journey of encounters and discoveries, of questioning and of doubts. The…

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Success at Geneva 2 in Russian hands

1024 853 Dominique de Villepin

In an interview for RT (Russia Today), Dominique de Villepin is questioned on the outcome of the negotiations in Geneva between the Western countries and Russia  

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Controlling Risk in a World of Risks

1024 738 Dominique de Villepin

The ratings business is at a crossroads. The recent report of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has once again pointed to the major defects of the pre-crisis rating organization. The ratings of the Big Three rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch and Standard& Poor’s are criticized for their potential conflicts of interest, for their lack…

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How can we protect Syrians?

1024 576 Dominique de Villepin

In an interview with CNN, Dominique de Villepin gives his vision of Syrian crisis

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Imagining a New Form of Power

672 1024 Dominique de Villepin

Between the intervention in Iraq in 2003 and today, there are not only ten years, there are two worlds. It’s a wholly different world first, because there seems to be very little in common between the America of the Bush administration and the America of Barack Obama. A wholly different world when we look at…

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Obama’s Second Chance

826 720 Dominique de Villepin

So, “forward” it goes. It’s a second chance more than a second mandate. This means that President Obama will need to make tough and thorough choices. Going forward can mean keeping the same old path, because moving is more important than being headed somewhere. That’s obstination more than progress. But going forward also means acknowledging…

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Once Upon a Time, There Was America

1024 1002 Dominique de Villepin

Once upon a time, there was Obama. It was only four years ago. A symbol of hope for the whole world because America, through this election, became again what it had always been for other parts of the world, the land of the possible. The last years have been a time of disillusion, after eight…

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Middle East, Three Mistakes and One Collective Solution

960 640 Dominique de Villepin

Foreign policy is now at the center of the presidential debate. How could it not be so, when the TV screens flare up with shells exploding in the Ummeyade Mosque of Aleppo, with oil spilling threats in the Ormuz Strait, with grieving about the death of an exemplary civil servant, who gave his life for…

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The Other America

812 1024 Dominique de Villepin

America is changing. Not only the United States, not only North America but the whole continent and particularly Latin America. It’s a part of the world where I feel more at home than in any other, a continent I feel deeply rooted in. It’s a part of the world that feels unjustly neglected and it’s…

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America and the World: The Power to Share Power

960 700 Dominique de Villepin

A new world is rising, in which growing disorder looms on every continent and in which global anarchy prevails. In the Middle East, where tens of thousands of Syrians are dying in a civil war, we are reminded every day a bit more of the horrors of Lebanon in the eighties. In the Far East,…

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