• 4 November 2016

Mémoire de Paix pour temps de Guerre

Mémoire de Paix pour temps de Guerre

678 1024 Dominique de Villepin

“Over the last fifteen years, it seems the world has been falling into a mad race to war. The Middle East is going through an endless suicidal spiral. We are even more challenged by international terrorism while great empires are conflicting with each other.

War’s virus is among us, with its agressivity worsened by fears, humiliations and angers. The Western nations’ contraction on their privileges and their faded vision of the world can only aggravate the pain.

All my life, I have been wanting to place peace work at the heart of my actions. In 2003, along with Jacques Chirac, I led the fight for peace in the UN against the american intervention in Irak, being aware of the dangers of the neoconservative worldview.

We must learn to face the world as it is and to understand its metamorphoses. It depends on us to hear what drives people and nations today, in Russia, in the United States, as well as in China, Turkey, Ivory Coast or Columbia. It is as close as possible to reality that we will be able to measure the failure of the United Nations and the game of identity claims in globalization which seems doomed to perpetual acceleration.

The time has come to get involved in peace building, to open our eyes on the world’s injuries and give ourselves tools to build a new, stable and fair order. Solutions exist, but they require some patience, imagination and willingness. To counter the lies of war epics, we need peace narrative, which is the biggest challenge, the only possible heroism of our age, adapted to a fragile world with wounded identities lacking reconciliation. I am convinced that France has a major role to play in this new world, as long as it recovers its major inheritance of mediation and dialogue, true to its message and history.”

D. d V.